As Covid-19 Spreads, Laborocity’s Tech-enabled Hiring Platform Matches Workers with The Companies That Desperately Need Them 


Computer Algorithms Demonstrate the Power to Match Hourly Workers with Open Jobs Instantly 


Radnor, PA, March 19, 2020 – While millions of Americans are being forced to work from their homes as a result of the Coronavirus, hundreds of thousands who have been displaced are searching for work that cannot be done remotely. At the same time, the disruption has created strong demand within certain industries like grocery stores. Laborocity, the leading workforce technology platform, is seeing a surge of hires for contract and 1099 workers for hundreds of companies ranging from start-ups to enterprise. Laborocity currently has thousands of workers prepared to enter industries that include but are not limited to warehouse, e-commerce, call centers, grocery stores, logistics, and preventative cleaning.


Laborocity’s tech-enabled process uniquely identifies qualified candidates based on a series of requirements such as job experience, skills, geolocation, performance ratings, AI-enhanced pre-screening, and machine learning outcomes to rapidly fill open positions. 


CEO of Laborocity Lynn Bruder said, “There are currently 53 million workers in the Unites States that work in roles that are paid hourly and need to keep working to earn a living and provide for themselves. Laborocity can provide them the work that they need to not only survive this global pandemic but also to continue to work once we get past these trying times.” Bruder continued, “We can bridge the gap between people who are willing and able to work and the companies that provide essential services who need them.”


On a seamless and intuitive platform, companies and potential employees complete an initial easy step-by-step application process. From there, Laborocity’s advanced proprietary AI and Machine Learning matching algorithm efficiently matches workers with jobs by location. Laborocity manages everything through its website or mobile App including preliminary screening, tax forms, paperwork, background checks, and even payroll. Laborocity’s policy of weekly payroll for employees makes work opportunities for their partner companies competitive and more appealing to ensure retention. Each company has the capability to approve weekly hours via the Laborocity app and track doer performance, further assuring that they always have the best person for the job. 

For more information or to begin the hiring process, both candidates and companies can go to, email the Laborocity team at, speak to the 24/7 customer support team at (844)452-2676, or text your questions to (844) 556-3637. Download the Laborocity App through the App Store or Google Play.