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About Us

Laborocity is always ready to respond to your temporary staffing needs

Laborocity聽is on a mission to empower the evolving global workforce and change the way businesses find and transact with contract workers. Using, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and a little Pixie dust, we allow聽businesses to book and transact with pre-qualified workers, on-demand.

Laborocity, formerly LaborOnDemand, has been providing on-demand staffing services to construction, restoration, demolition, consulting and healthcare businesses since 2014. In late 2016, Barba met Woody Klemmer, CEO of a Boston-based competitor, GladlyDo, and after a few initial meetings, the synergies were evident. In early 2017, LaborOnDemand and GladlyDo agreed to merge and formed Laborocity.

Laborocity 鈥淒oers鈥 are taken through a thorough screening process that includes an interview and background check. Doers are rated and reviewed and are fully insured by Laborocity. Less than 5% of applicants make it on to the platform…鈥淥ur secret sauce is really our ability to hire well. The Doers are our product, our service, and our brand, so we pride ourselves on providing only the best of the best鈥 says Lynn Bruder, CEO of Laborocity.

Meet Some of the Laborocity Doers

Doers are energetic, intelligent and always ready, willing and able to handle nearly any temporary staffing need. Doers are fully screened, insured, and matched to the scope of your job requirements whether it be construction, office work, moving, marketing, or events. Laborocity Doers are the perfect choice for reliable temporary labor that get the job done every time.


Watching Alessandra pick up a paint roller is like watching Beethoven plop down behind a baby grand piano. She鈥檒l have your room taped, trimmed and double-coated in the time it takes most people to pick out a paint color. Have a room that needs a new shade? Alessandra is your Doer.


Ari can steer a wheelbarrow filled with gravel so fast he鈥檇 get a speeding ticket if he were in a car. He鈥檒l move more materials across a job site in an hour than most men can in a day, and if there were an award for precision with a shovel, they鈥檇 call it the 鈥淎ri鈥. Got a heavy lifting job? Doer Ari is the man.


Carly can fly into an office like a soaring eagle and put ringing phones back on the hook. She鈥檒l file your invoices alphabetically color-coded by department and can spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious without spell check. Every office needs a Carly.


Austin makes moving look like child鈥檚 play. He鈥檒l have your furniture out of your house so fast you鈥檒l swear he鈥檇 been studying the layout for weeks (don鈥檛 worry, he hasn鈥檛). Watching Austin load a moving truck is like watching a Tetris prodigy at work. Ready to make a move? Doer Austin has your back.


Aruna is the life of any party or trade show. She knows how to serve soda and schwag with a smile like a bird knows how to fly. Guests and clients say Aruna鈥檚 personality is the best thing for sales. What鈥檚 not to love?


Clay is so fast with a hammer you鈥檇 swear he was born with one in his hand. He can frame a house faster than you can frame a picture and he performs surgery with a power drill. Need a skilled set of hands on a construction job? Doer Clay is your man.


Some people were born to sing, others were born to dance; Jayonna was born to SELL. She converts sales calls like Mariano Rivera converts saves and make sales presentations that would put Jordan Belfort to shame. If sales is your game, Jayonna is your Doer.


Sean is a traffic jam鈥檚 worst nightmare. No matter the route, schedule or cargo, Sean鈥檚 never met a delivery deadline he couldn鈥檛 meet. The man could deliver a tray of champagne glasses while riding a unicycle through Times Square without spilling a drop. When you need a delivery done right, Sean is your go-to man.


Packing boxes and planning meticulously might be the hardest part of moving. Enter Irene, the moving box queen. You see a pile of clothes, a cabinet of pots and pans and 300 old CDs? Irene sees a 36x24鈥 box, two sturdy tubs and a trash bag. Before you move, let Irene do her thing; you won鈥檛 regret it.


Need to promote an event? Lynette could fill seats for an ice convention in Antarctica. From expert event promotion to minute-to-minute management, Lynette is your Ace-in-the-Hole when it comes to making your next event awesome.


If we dropped Pete on Mars he鈥檇 find a way to grow a lush patch of green grass with some perfectly trimmed hedges to boot. Be it simple trimming, laying mulch, clearing brush or planting of any sort, they call Pete the Picasso of backyard beatification.


Some people鈥檚 happy place is sitting under a waterfall in Bora Bora; Doer Ben鈥檚 is sitting back and marveling at a perfectly organized Excel sheet. Are your books slowly becoming a sloppy mess? It鈥檚 time to bring in Ben to organize accounts payable, manage payroll, and magically mend your books.