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Ramping Up for the Busy Hospitality Season

Four Ways Supplemental Staffing Benefits the Hospitality Industry

Whether you own a small motel in a busy tourist town or a major hotel by the airport, you know how difficult the hospitality industry can be. Running a hotel is not for the faint of heart, and it is certainly not the road to easy riches.

When you work in the hospitality industry, your days are long, your nights are longer and finding qualified staff is an ongoing challenge. If you want to make it in this tough and notoriously low-margin environment, you need to think outside the box, with supplemental staffing and other unique ways to staff up and make more money. Here are four ways supplemental staffing benefits the hospitality industry in general and your property in particular.

#1. Staging and Staffing for Special Events

Hosting special events is a major profit center for many hospitality-based businesses, especially large hotels in big cities. If you run such a hotel, you already know how much money you can make during a week-long trade show or one-day job fair.

You also know the enormous amount of work it takes to pull off such an event, and the almost endless number of things that can go wrong along the way. A lack of proper staffing or inadequate training could turn what should be a profitable trade show or corporate training event into a nightmare of accusations and unpaid bills.

By hiring supplemental staff to assist with your special events, you can greatly reduce the chances that something will go wrong 鈥 and greatly increase the chances that the event will come off without a hitch. You can improve your odds even further by seeking out experienced event planning specialists, men and women who have seen it all and know what to do in even the most unusual situations.

#2. Ramping Up for the High Season

In the hospitality industry, it is often feast or famine. One month brings a rash of new reservations, with conventions in town, the local theme parks opening and lots of special events. When those busy times roll in, your formerly ample staff is suddenly stretched thin, and guest services can suffer.

That stretched-thin staff can lead to a host of difficulties, from bad reviews and a slipping reputation to cancellations and lost revenue. Hiring supplemental staff to ramp up for the busy season can help you in a number of different ways. Instead of scrambling to get everything done, our regular staff members can focus on making guests happy and keeping the facility spotlessly clean. Suddenly guest satisfaction soars, bookings increase the bottom line is nicely increased.

When the busy season comes to an end and the number of reservations drops, you can go back to your normal operations, without the extra cost of more full-time staff members. The on-demand hiring platform, Laborocity, uses a proprietary recruiting and marketing system to lower the costs associated with hiring and providing the best workers for the hospitality industry. Laborocity鈥檚 on-demand service can be accessed anytime and anywhere, solving immediate hiring needs around the clock in seconds.

#3. Protection from Seasonality

The hospitality industry is notoriously sensitive to economic cycles. The owners of hotels and motels are often the first to notice a slump in the economy, and their earnings have even been used to predict looming recessions.

There is not a lot those hotel and motel owners can do about the economy as a whole, but they can protect themselves from seasonality through the use of supplemental staff. Using supplemental staff through Laborocity can help you prepare for the good times while protecting yourself when things take a turn for the worse. This protection is key to success, since the hospitality industry is intensely seasonal as well as predictive of overall economic trends.

#4. Freedom from Recruiting Worries

Anyone who has ever worked in hospitality management knows that staffing is one of the biggest challenges. Finding qualified workers who will work hard for the wages on offer is always a challenge, but when unemployment dips, the challenges become even greater.

The ongoing crackdown on employers and worries about illegal labor just add to the difficulties, cutting profit margins even more and raising recruiting costs significantly. Supplemental staffing through Laborocity can help you overcome these challenges, so you can get back to doing what you do best 鈥 running your hotel.

The hospitality business can be a rewarding place to work, but it can also be a huge challenge. Whether it’s all a small or large hospitality business, simply finding qualified workers to keep the lights on and the bed linens clean and fresh is hard enough, and ramping up for special events and keeping them running smoothly is even harder. The judicious use of supplemental staffing can assist you with all these challenges, so you can focus on running a profitable business and designing the best hotel in town.

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Woody Klemmer is the Co-founder of Laborocity, a company that provides businesses with qualified workers, 鈥淒oers鈥, on-demand.