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How to Use Brand Ambassadors to Help Promote Your Business

You know you have a fabulous product or service to offer, but finding the most effective ways to enlighten the masses about the benefits and features of your brand is the perennial challenge most marketing departments wrestle with. Marketing dollars well spent will yield huge ROI, with the operative words being 鈥渨ell spent.鈥 Too often money is thrown at various marketing instruments haphazardly in hopes that something will stick. Instead of tossing those valuable marketing dollars down the drain, why not form a brand ambassador program to market your brand?

A brand ambassador is someone who believes in your product, is passionate about its many benefits, and can mobilize that enthusiasm to drum up interest, awareness, and engagement for the brand. The strategic use of brand ambassadors can make a powerful impact on the perceived value of a brand. Events utilizing brand ambassadors provide post-worthy material that can be shared across your social media platforms, exponentially expanding your marketing reach, boosting brand visibility, and increasing sales.

About Brand Ambassadors

A brand ambassador can be anyone from a highly compensated celebrity to a customer to an employee who is charged with promoting your brand publicly. Increasingly, businesses are hiring contract workers for brand ambassador programs that are used to get out to the user base and engage potential customers. Contract workers provide an expedited route to creating brand ambassadors, versus cultivating them from your customer base. The frequent user, the highly engaged customer, is still an excellent source for future brand ambassadors because they already possess the passion for your brand, and should also be developed alongside contract brand ambassadors.

For the business that uses contract brand ambassadors, there are many very effective ways to implement them in the field where they can demonstrate and educate consumers about your brand. A food or beverage brand, for example, can place contractors into various venues, such as the grocery story, a mall, an event, or any gathering where samples of the product can be distributed. A friendly, enthusiastic brand ambassador who makes that initial positive impression of your brand, and who offers a sample, a discount coupon for in-store use, a product information card with the website where it can be purchased, or a list of local distributors of the item if it is an off-site demonstration, can create immediate buzz and interest in your brand.

Other types of businesses, such as business services, can use contract brand ambassadors who are placed at industry events, conferences, and conventions to promote the services with a smile, a professional appearance and demeanor, and plenty of marketing collateral to pass out to interested parties. An apparel or cosmetics brand can offer potential brand ambassadors samples of the product to use or wear and ask for feedback. The contractors who express enthusiasm toward the product would be excellent choices for a brand ambassador program to share information about the brand on their own social networks, as well as at a social event or in a mall setting.

Cultivating a Reciprocal Relationship

The best brand ambassadors are the individuals that feel they are valued team members. This is achieved by creating a personal relationship with the brand ambassador team, giving them updates about the brand, exciting company developments, free samples, and sharing encouraging sales trends, giving them a feeling of value and worth to the company.

When a brand ambassador feels special they are more apt to share positive comments about the product with friends and family members on their social networks. People tend to trust their own friends and social network for recommendations, being much more likely to act on them, as compared to passively viewing an ad on Google or Facebook. A passionate brand ambassador is a cheerleader for your business who will have a positive impact on both reach and revenue.

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