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Hire Our Commercial Cleaners TODAY

We have smart, college-educated “Doers” ready for any commercial cleaning project

Because when movers need extra brains and brawn, that鈥檚 where our Doers come in.

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Our Doers make moving a file cabinet up three flights of stairs look like child鈥檚 play and we can set up desk phones and computers more swiftly than most people can send a tweet. In fact, your Doer could actually be a D-1 athlete. Doers are the perfect choice for loading, unloading, carrying, organizing, feeding cables, taking down artwork — you name it!

Hire Doers today and finish your project early and under budget.

Use Laborocity to staff your moving project today-Here’s Why

鈥 24/7 assistance
鈥 Each work request guaranteed to be filled within 24 hours of listing
鈥 State-of-the-art algorithm instantly compares project and worker needs with our entire registry of Doers to find the best matches
鈥 A limitless number of Doers can be ordered
鈥 Any job length eight hours and up can be scheduled
鈥 Every worker is fully vetted through background checks and interviews
鈥 Worker鈥檚 Compensation and General Liability provided before beginning every job

With Laborocity, you know you鈥檙e getting the most qualified workers for the job.
Laborocity is able to provide staff for a wide variety of moving-related projects. Our Doers are smart, reliable, hard-working, and friendly individuals. Each is given Laborocity鈥檚 stamp of approval before being assigned to a project. All this comes with highly competitive salary rates; we can provide night and weekend project workers starting at $25 per hour.

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Hire Doers today and finish your project early and under budget.