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Temporary Event and Hospitality Staff in Philadelphia, New York and Boston

On demand “Doers” are ready to make your next event run smoothly

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When it comes to event jobs, our college students and young professional Doers take the cake – and then serve it to your guests. Our smart and energetic Doers are the perfect flexible staffing choice for any event.

From event set up to greeting guests, checking coats, passing out swag and refreshments to cleaning up and putting things away, Laborocity has it covered. How about a flash mob, promotional team or even some social media help? We’re at your service.

We can help with setting up, cleaning up, serving, decorating, breaking down, registration, and more.

Having a house party?

You鈥檝e planned a party and invited all your friends and family. But now, you鈥檝e got work to do 鈥 shopping, cooking, set up. By the time it鈥檚 over, you may need a vacation to recover. But not if you contact Laborocity, and have our fun-loving, reliable Doers take care of odds and ends 鈥 putting coasters down under glasses, replenishing food, and don鈥檛 forget clean up! They鈥檒l make sure your event runs as smoothly as that glass of wine you can finally enjoy with your guests.

Laborocity Doers are standing by to help make your event a huge success.

From small house parties to huge corporate retreats, there鈥檚 a seemingly endless number of jobs that go into hosting any successful event. That鈥檚 where our independent contractors, who we call our 鈥淒oers,鈥 come in. Laborocity offers only the best temporary staffing for all your event projects, fully certified and able to take on any task.

The world of hospitality and event hosting is changing every day. Technological advancements, trends amongst target demographics, desire for multifunctionality and versatility; all these details can make or break the function you鈥檙e working hard to host. What鈥檚 more, a larger number of workers than ever will be needed in this field in the years to come, with careers in meeting, convention, and event planning expected to see a jump of more than 11 percent through 2026. Temporary staffing can be a huge asset in this area; our Doers are adaptable to any project they are given, and Laborocity cuts your costs by handling screening and verification ourselves, leaving you free to focus on your bottom line.

Laborocity is able to provide temporary staff for a wide variety of event hosting roles. Workers are available for tasks including setup, registration, decorating, greeting guests, checking coats, passing out swag and refreshments, breaking down, and much more. Our Doers are smart, reliable, hard-working, and friendly individuals who come from a variety of backgrounds, many including college students and recent graduates. Each is given Laborocity鈥檚 stamp of approval before being assigned to a project. All this comes with highly competitive salary rates, saving you money while giving you the best help available. We can provide night and weekend project workers starting at $25 per hour. To date, we鈥檝e seen great success in our staffing process, with hundreds of event hosting positions being filled by our Doers.

The benefits of staffing your event through Laborocity are numerous. The biggest perk of choosing us is the time you鈥檒l save in the hiring process. Assistance is available 24/7, and each work request is guaranteed to be filled within 24 hours of listing, ensuring you never need to wait to get started. Our state of the art algorithm matches your project and worker needs with our entire registry of Doers to instantly locate the best matches. We can schedule a limitless number of Doers to work for any length of time three hours and up-however long it takes to get the job done.

We also promise that every worker comes fully vetted by Laborocity鈥檚 staff. Before being added to our registry, individuals undergo a rigorous five-step process, including profile and application reviews by our recruitment team; pre-screening face-to-face introductory interviews; in-depth character and situational responsiveness interviews; multiple background checks including identity verification and criminal records screening; and onboarding training sessions. They also receive Worker’s Compensation and General Liability before starting. When you hire from Laborocity, you know you鈥檙e getting only the most qualified people for the job.聽 Compared to other event- and hospitality-based work placement, Laborocity providers laborers who are more flexible, younger and fresher, and able to adapt to any general labor role needed to be filled.

The work that goes into hosting an event has changed greatly in the past few years alone. Apart from the typical staffing of physical aspects like catering and d茅cor, you now need people to staff the virtual components as well. Half of all marketers use real-time tactics to promote their events through outlets like Twitter, but just as many say the biggest challenge of using social media is how to leverage it effectively. Laborocity can provide workers to send emails, monitor digital check-ins and scheduling, update the event鈥檚 Facebook page and more. This small amount of extra help can see big results; studies show that using event technology can help increase event attendance, raise productivity, and cut costs.

Our Doers can give your company an edge when it comes to event planning and execution in these quickly changing times. A large number of them are current or recent college students, giving them a finger on the pulse of what it takes to please a crowd. There are endless new possibilities for making events a hit, from flash mobs and hot new foods to viral promotional campaigns and popular speakers. Even for simple projects, it鈥檚 always a plus to have the most informed individuals possible on your side.

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