Hiring Tips for HR Managers

Being in charge of hiring and bringing the best new talent into a business can be challenging. HR managers have a lot of decisions to make when determining who will best fill the gaps in the company team. However, with a few simple steps-and a more personal management consultation provided by Laborocity-they can choose the person who will quickly mesh with the group and stay that way for years to come.

Most HR professionals report that the most important features of any candidate are their personality and interpersonal skills. While past experience is clearly very important, especially at higher level positions, it won’t have as much impact if the individual cannot apply their skills while interfacing smoothly with coworkers and with clients or customers. Interviews often come down to a small number of final candidates with similar qualifications, prompting a difficult decision for the HR manager. The deciding factor can come from gauging the interviewer’s feelings on them as someone familiar with what type of personality tends to mesh with the workplace environment.

It goes without saying that an applicant’s professional experience should be carefully considered in all stages of the hiring process, from requesting an interview to reaching a final decision. However, managers should remind themselves and other hiring team members to think both critically and efficiently in their analyses. Staff must look through a large number of job submissions each day, and the time can be spent more effectively by using simple strategic evaluation. Scanning for key details or phrases in an individual’s job history can help to pare down a pile of resumes that appear equally impressive on the surface to only those that show direct experience related to the specific need being filled. A process for optimizing resume analysis is important for any hiring department; HR managers can learn the ropes with help from Laborocity’s professional consulting services, giving them the tools to pass onto the rest of their team.

With this in mind, there must also be a balance between concrete experience and personal potential. There must be a substantial amount of proven skill performing the tasks at hand, but aspects of the resume and interview responses show the ability to apply themselves in a way that promotes growth and learning should be taken into consideration as well. HR managers must not completely neglect the essential skill set for someone less skilled who they believe might grow into the position, a decision many professionals report making with negative results, but like interpersonal skills, it is still wise to choose someone who will be a positive presence in the company.

There are a multitude of features that go into picking the ideal candidate to fill an open position. HR managers need to hone their skills to consistently make decisions that benefit the company in the long run. Laborocity can give personalized consultations to strengthen any part of that skill set, leading to a clearer path towards the right person for every job.

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