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Hire Our Industrial Cleaning Service Workers TODAY for Post-Construction Cleaning & Renovation Cleanup

We have smart, hard working “Doers” ready for any industrial cleaning work

When businesses need extra brains and skills, that鈥檚 where our Doers come in.

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At Laborocity, we do everything from floor stripping to carpet cleaning

鈥 Vacuuming all surfaces including floors, ceilings, walls, tables, desks, counters 鈥 even upholstery
鈥 Dusting blinds, ceiling fans, vents, fixtures, molding, cabinets, the tops of doors, doorknobs, and hardware
鈥 Disinfecting all surfaces of bathrooms and kitchens
鈥 Mopping floors
鈥 Cleaning commonly missed surfaces including window treatments, light switches, cabinet tops, vents, shelves, and mirrors
鈥 Carpet cleaning
鈥 Floor stripping, polishing, and waxing
鈥 Window cleaning

We utilize the most high-tech cleaning technology to ensure your space is truly clean:

鈥 HEPA filter vacuums for maximum dust removal
鈥 Specially formulated gentle cleaning products for floors, cabinetry, baseboard, molding, countertops, appliances, fixtures, and hardware
鈥 Special cleaning techniques for glass, metal, stone, and wood surfaces

Use Laborocity for your industrial cleaning today-Here’s Why

鈥 24/7 assistance
鈥 Each work request guaranteed to be filled within 24 hours of listing
鈥 State-of-the-art algorithm instantly compares project and worker needs with our entire registry of Doers to find the best matches for your office
鈥 A limitless number of Doers can be ordered
鈥 Any job length eight hours and up can be scheduled
鈥 Every worker is fully vetted through background checks and interviews
鈥 Worker鈥檚 Compensation and General Liability provided before beginning every job

With Laborocity, you know you鈥檙e getting the most qualified workers for the job.

Laborocity provides a staff for a wide variety of industrial cleaning projects. Our Doers are smart, reliable, hard-working, and friendly individuals. Each is given Laborocity鈥檚 stamp of approval before being assigned to a project. All this comes with highly competitive salary rates; we can provide night and weekend project workers starting at $25 per hour.

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Hire Doers today and finish your office project early and under budget.