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Laborocity’s Contract Workers Are Ready Now for Your Warehouse Projects


These are just some of the jobs our warehouse workers can do:

鈥 Stock shelves
鈥 Packing boxes/bags
鈥 Loading/unloading vehicles
鈥 Transportation
鈥 Cleanup work
鈥 General labor


Here’s why your business should use Laborocity today for your warehouse projects:

鈥 We鈥檙e always open. Book Doers with confidence 24/7
鈥 Each request for contract warehouse workers is guaranteed to be filled within 24 hours of posting
鈥 Our state-of-the-art algorithm instantly matches you with pre-qualified Doers
鈥 A limitless number of Doers can be ordered
鈥 Any job length eight hours and up can be scheduled
鈥 Save money. Worker鈥檚 Compensation and General Liability coverage on every job
鈥 With Laborocity, you know you鈥檙e getting the most qualified contract warehouse workers for the job


The big advantages of using Laborocity:

  1. Unlike other contract worker staffing businesses, every Laborocity warehouse worker is fully vetted through background checks and interviews.
  2. Our Doers are smart, reliable, punctual hard-working, and friendly individuals who will get the job done perfectly.
  3. Each Doer is given Laborocity鈥檚 stamp of approval before being assigned to a warehouse project.
  4. All of this comes with highly competitive salary rates; we can provide night and weekend project workers starting at $25 per hour.


Why are Laborocity contract workers important for your projects?

Your warehouse projects are time-sensitive and crucial to be executed flawlessly. You may have a need for stocking shelves,聽 need help packing boxes, or have a rush to load trucks. At Laborocity, we recognize the importance of your warehouse projects and we’re committed to turn your projects into a huge success.

聽Laborocity contract workers are ready now for your warehouse projects.

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